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I am a computational and theoretical astrophysicist. My work is at the interface of numerical relativity, nuclear/neutrino astrophysics, and gravitational-wave physics.

My current primary research interests are:

You can find information and documents broadly related to what happened:

I'm deeply committed to open science and open-source scientific codes. I'm convinced that this is the way to reproducibility and progress in computational science. I'm involved in the open-source Einstein Toolkit, which provides simulation codes and tools for computational relativistic astrophysics. I run the website where I provide resources for the stellar collapse and neutron star merger communities.

I'm also committed to training the next-generation of theoretical and computational relativistic astrophysicists. I've had the honor to work with a number of highly successful young scientists:

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Read my blog: Blowing Up Stars

Check out some of my talks on: SlideShare -- a community portal for stellar collapse, supernovae, and compact objects -- Simulating eXtreme Spacetimes YouTube Channel

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