Microphysics inputs are crucial for simulations of stellar collapse and core-collapse supernovae. Two key microphysics components are the equation of state (EOS) and neutrino opacities.

SRO Equation of State (Schneider, Roberts, Ott 2017)

We provide EOS source code, interpolation routines, and tables as described in Schneider, Roberts, Ott 2017 at https://stellarcollapse.org/SROEOS. These EOSs are based on the compressible liquid-drop model with Skyrme interaction.

Equations of State (O'Connor & Ott 2010 Tables)

We provide here the EOS driver routines and EOS tables used in simulations of the Caltech computational relativistic astrophysics group. We also provide the routines we use to create the tables from the original data tables provided by the various nuclear theorists. Check out our EOS page.

Neutrino Opacities

We provide NuLib, an open-source/open-physics neutrino interaction library put together by Evan O'Connor.