Moesta et al. 2015, Nature

Philipp Mösta, Christian D. Ott, David Radice, Luke F. Roberts, Erik Schnetter, and Roland Haas
Nature, Nov 30, 2015



Simulation Source Code

The simulations were carried out with the Zelmani core collapse simulation package, which is based on the open-source Einstein Toolkit, which, in turn, uses the Cactus Computational Toolkit and the Carpet adaptive mesh refinement driver. While not all components of Zelmani are open source yet, we can already provide as open source the leakage/heating module used in this study, ZelmaniLeak. Other components of the code that have modifications that are not yet publicly available as part of the Einstein Toolkit are provided below as well. These should all build smoothly in the latest regular Einstein Toolkit build.

Please contact Philipp Moesta (pmoesta # should you have any questions.

Download CoreCollapseControl_MRI.tar_.gz
Download GRHydro_MRI.tar_.gz
Download GRHydro_InitData_MRI.tar_.gz
Download ZelmaniLeak_MRI.tar_.gz
Download MHDCTProjection_MRI.tar_.gz
Download ReadInterpolate_MRI.tar_.gz


3D Initial Data

The initial data for the simulations is available as a 3D dataset hosted via Globus Online at the National Center for Supercomputer Applications (NCSA). Please contact Philipp Moesta (pmoesta # for instructions on how to obtain the initial data (file size approximately 65GB).